Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Wonderful Wednesday. . .

I love Wednesday, it's mid-week, which means we're on the downhill slide to the weekend! The sun is shining & the temperature is cool & crisp. I'll probably venture out today to see what I can find at a few stores.

Yesterday I remembered I had this cute ceramic pumpkin in the hall bathroom cabinet. I don't keep it with my other halloween decorations in the attic because I'm afraid it might get broken. My grandma Berger made this over 30 years ago. She was very much into making ceramics. Love his BOO mouth!

Here's the only gem I found at Goodwill yesterday. I know it probably had a lid at one point, but for 75 cents I thought it would be a great candy dish. It was very grimy so I gave it a soak in the sink & then washed it in the dishwasher, it came out sparkling!

Hope your Wednesday is wonderful!!


Darlene said...

Oooooo I LOVE that ceramic Boo pumpkin....CUTE!!

That "find" will make a cute candy dish or you can use it as a pedastal, put a small ring of leaves or berries (like a candle ring) and set a pumpkin or candle in it.

Mary said...

Yes Good Ole' Granny B She was the qween of C-rem-icas
Your Great Niece is sporting her Halloween T-shirt from Target with a cute black cat and candy corn like strips. She is following in your foot steps of loving the fall fun. Love you and hope you find the deal of the week out there! Ha