Monday, October 20, 2008

Family Visit. . .

Sunday was the perfect day for our road trip to see family, the weather was absolutely beautiful.

Here are some of the collectibles in Aunt Lucille's kitchen. The piggy cookie jar belonged to my Grandma Minnie, I remember her keeping it filled with goodies.

After visiting a while at Uncle Jack & Aunt Lucille's home we drove over to see my Great Aunt Hermina.

Aunt Hermina is such a sweetie. I believe she is 93. On the table behind her is a precious quilt she is making for her great grandson, Tucker. She was married to my Grandpa Luther's brother, Lloyd. Uncle Lloyd was a school superintendent for many years before retiring in 1973.

Here is a picture of him shortly before he passed away 21 years ago. I remember him as a sweet, funny man.

Uncle Jack, Aunt Lucille, Aunt Hermina, and me.

Here is my hubby, Bob, with the group.

I'm so glad we made this trip, it made me realize I need to see them more often. It was a special time of sharing memories from my childhood, and catching up on the latest news about our families.

As you can tell we're still trying to learn how to use our new camera, I wish these pictures were a little clearer. We'll keep practicing.

Have a marvelous Monday friends! God loves you! ;>)


Stacey said...

I know they all enjoyed it! My older aunts and uncles are all very far away. I miss them. Seeing them really does take you back in time to your childhood.

Thrifty Cents said...

This is so sweet! Glad you had a nice visit!

Mary said...

So glad you got to go visit. Life is to short to waste percious ties with family. I remember the piggy cookie jar too.
Thanks for going down memory lane this morning.

Darlene said...

Oh it looks like you had a great visit!! It is so much fun to get together with your family and talk and reminisce.

tincanlily said...

Lovely post, I can tell you had a nice time! Ah, I am still working on getting my pictures just right...
In case you might want to make a jar like I posted today, I am having a hard time getting the pickle scent out of the jar. You may want to choose your jar carefully.