Saturday, October 11, 2008

Shopping With Style. . .

If you're from my generation you may remember how the typical housewife dressed up to go shopping during the 1950s. Many ladies dressed up in their best suit, hat, gloves, the works! My goodness how times have changed through the decades. When I was in high school in the late '60s my friends & I would meet down town to hang out on Saturdays. We would all show up with our hair in gigantic rollers covered with a ruffled hair bonnet, this was the fashionable look!! How many of you ever used juice cans for rollers to achieve volume? Oh, and don't forget the Dippity Do, couldn't have the perfect hair without it! I remember how excited I was when my mom bought electric hair curlers, no more sleeping in prickly, hard rollers, or wearing curlers to town.

It's fun to go down memory lane. What style memories do you have?


Darlene said...

My fond memories are of going to the drive-in movie theaters. I used to LOVE doing that. When it was cold we were all bundled up in blankets and brought goodies to eat and just had a ball!!

Stacey said...

Sleeping in pink sponge rollers!! Then in high school band we had to be there very early in the mornings to march. We would wear those rollers to school while marching!!

tincanlily said...

I just had a conversation with a friend about style. By the time I reached my teens (70's)jeans were the norm for boys and girls. I wish we could mix a litle more 40 and 50 fashion, with our 2000 style. More dress...less casual.

Dawn said...

Oh yes...I remember it all!
How DID we sleep in those gigantic things????
I did...every night!
I had one of those ruffly hair things in yellow!