Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Red & White Inspiration . . .

I recently became inspired to decorate with red & white for Christmas Bling 2011.
Of course the inspiration came from Pinterest!

Here are a few of the ideas . . .

 I have a tablecloth like this . . .

 I have a big spool of  red checked ribbon . . .

 I have these white scalloped dessert dishes . . .

 I have a ton of red candles . . .

 Great idea for easily covering pillows . . .

Love the look of the wreaths on the chairs . . .

Keep checking back to see my decorating progress.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Frustrated !

There is nothing more frustrating than . . .
trying to fix a string of Christmas lights!

 I was very patient when I started.
Thinking positive. 
Testing and replacing bulb after bulb.


I need a nap! 

Monday, November 28, 2011

A New Blog Look . . .

Hope you like my new blog look.  
It took me awhile, but finally I figured everything out.
Don't be surprised if you see more changes in the near future!

Blog Changes Underway

I'm working on making changes to my blog so everything may look a little weird.

Christmas Bling Begins . . .

Happy Monday to you all!

Yesterday, with Hubby's help we managed to get the outside lights and wreaths finished.
Pictures will come later.

Here is the first phase of the mantel decorating.

Bows and more bling to come soon . . .

I'm anxious to see and hear about your Christmas decorating!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Weekly Words To Live By #77 . . .

Psalm 126:3
These things I have spoken to you, that my joy may be in you, and that your joy may be full.
~ John 15:11

Wishing you a day filled with the joy of the Lord . . .

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Thanksgiving 2011 . . .

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving gathering this year.
My sister, Susan, and brother-in-law, Mike drove in from Missouri on Wednesday.
The kids came over also.  We spent the afternoon preparing most of the food for Thursday's feast.

Thanksgiving 2011

The table setting . . . 

our deep fried turkey . . .
We also had smoked turkey, both prepared by hubby.

Susan and Mike playing with Emma.

Bobby, Ethan, Emma and Kari
We're so thankful for our kids.

Emma sitting in my 58 year old rocker.

Ethan had fun trying on Daddy's old skating gear. 

The fall and Thanksgiving bling will be packed away today.
Sure hope we can put out our outdoor lights before Monday.

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Friday, November 25, 2011

NEVER ! ! !

There is nothing I need or covet want that would make me
 attempt shopping on "Black Friday"! 

When I see this picture I immediately think,
"What will they do if they need to use the bathroom?"

I enjoyed looking through all the ads in the newspaper yesterday.
I saw some good deals and gift ideas.
Still, I would never venture out to shop on the day after Thanksgiving.

I always get a good chuckle out of these commercials.
Her enthusiasm is still not enough to make
me go shopping at Target at midnight.
Click here to see what I'm talking about!

I will shop at Target for Christmas gifts, but not until this weekend is over!

Come back tomorrow to see pictures of Thanksgiving 2011.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Blessings Abound . . .

We are blessed!
This time of year we pause to count our many, many, blessings.

Peanuts: Happy Thanksgiving

Enjoy making memories with your family and friends!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Let The Baking Begin . . .

Today I'm getting started with preparations for 
Thanksgiving dinner.

I'm baking cornbread for the stuffing and mixing up some dough for dinner rolls.
I found a recipe on Pinterest that can be mixed in advance and baked up to 3 days later. 
(Have I ever mentioned how addicted I am to Pinterest?)

Here is the roll recipe . . .

Easy Dinner Rolls. Photo by Rollin in the Dough!
Happy baking! 

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Weekly Words To Live By #76 . . .

Romans 12:12

 The Solid Rock

My hope is built on nothing less
Than Jesus’ blood and righteousness.
I dare not trust the sweetest frame,
But wholly trust in Jesus’ Name.

When darkness seems to hide His lovely face,
I rest on His unchanging grace.
In every high and stormy gale,
My anchor holds within the veil.

On Christ the solid Rock I stand,
All other ground is sinking sand;
All other ground is sinking sand.

Wishing you a Sunday full of hope . . .

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Loyal And True . . .

I have been a mess since Friday morning.  Crying, praying, and constantly thinking about the families of the 4 people that were killed in the plane crash on Thursday. 
Anyone who knows me well, knows that I am a proud OSU graduate and a huge fan of the football and basketball teams. This year's football season of being undefeated has given me great joy.  Our defeat Friday night to Iowa State was very disappointing to me. The loss of a football game pales in comparison to the loss of the people in the plane crash.  Football is just a game.  
I think the following article that a friend posted on Facebook this morning sums up the feelings of the Cowboy  family.

By Ryan Stewart

November 18, 2011, is a day Oklahoma State will never forget.  It was a day where OSU fans, players and coaches awoke to the news of tragedy and went to bed with the bitter taste of defeat.
The details of what happened in between are a blur of tears and anger, sorrow and disbelief.
It had been 355 days since the Cowboys last fell on the gridiron but it had been more than 10 years since this close-knit community has had to deal with a far greater loss.
The tragic deaths of Oklahoma State women’s basketball coaches Kurt Budke and Miranda Serna, as well as two other OSU alums, shook the OSU fan base to its core. Then a 37-31 loss to Iowa State at Jack Trice Stadium poured salt in a much deeper wound.
OSU has suffered more than any school should and Friday just didn’t seem fair.
I typically travel to road games but, for whatever reason, I skipped the trip to Iowa.
Instead I found myself in Gallagher-Iba at a press conference that can only be described as surreal. It felt like a bad case of déjà vu as it was announced, yet again, that OSU had lost members of its basketball family in a plane crash.
No matter how trivial it might seem it the wake of tragedy, I found solace in the notion that the football team could provide some sort of quick relief, a minor painkiller for an ache felt throughout Cowboy nation.
Then the unimaginable unfolded in the Iowa plains.
OSU’s offense faltered. The defense stumbled. The special teams failed. And for the first time in nearly a year, a loss was marked on the schedule on the most painful of days for it to occur.
As I sat at my computer struggling to find the words to describe the indescribable events, I decided I needed to see something first hand before it would be possible.
I got in my truck and headed down the road to Stillwater Regional Airport. I needed to see the team land. I needed to see something positive, something important.
What awaited me at the airport was a touching scene that reminded me just how special the people of Oklahoma State truly are.
At 2:45 Saturday morning, the cold wind aimlessly ripped through the gathering of nearly 150 orange-clad faithful who were already frozen from the events of the previous day.
But then in the distance, a noise grew louder. It was the sound of the jet carrying the Cowboys safely back home. It is something we all too often take for granted but will be challenged to overlook again.
As the team exited the plane and approached a gate ill-fitting of the gathering on hand, the singing began.
“Proud and immortal
Bright Shines Your Name
Oklahoma State
We Herald Your Fame
Ever You'll Find Us
Loyal and True
To Our Alma Mater
Coach Mike Gundy smiled as he appeared to fight back tears. Todd Monken doled out a few hugs. Several players gave high fives and, amid the overwhelming despair, signs of happiness could be found.
The sound that overtook the howling winds and the insufferable hum of desolation was the sound of cheering, providing a soundtrack to recovery from the loss of a team and the loss of lives before it.
The words of the alma mater took on an entirely new meaning. Loyal and true, indeed.
Sure, the national title hopes were lost amid the throngs of cardinal and gold who stormed the field to celebrate the biggest win in Iowa State football history. But the cold dose of reality from the morning helped to put things in perspective.
Monken described the loss as, “… a hard one to take for a long time.”
Brandon Weeden expressed his regret that they couldn’t deliver a win to assist in the healing process from the crash in the Arkansas hills and called it, “one of the hardest days in Oklahoma State history.”
Monken then added, “It’s one thing to lose early in the year, but it's another to get to this point and see the light at the end of the tunnel. We're 10-1, and I don't know if I've ever been 10-1 and felt so empty."
But that empty feeling preceded the warm arrival that awaited them in the early morning hours. That emptiness found some relief.
There is a light at the end of the tunnel. Maybe it’s not a title this season, but it was a light nonetheless.
That light was provided by the Cowboy fans at the airport and by those who were there in spirit.
The football team might not have won Friday night but you, dear Cowboy fans, are already winners.
This university, this athletic department and this community will overcome tragedy once again and the reason is you. There was undeniable proof that Oklahoma State will again rise above.
I know I will remember Nov. 18, 2011.
I will remember the pain of losing cherished members of the Cowboy family. I will remember watching OSU’s football championship dreams fade away. But most of all, I will remember how lucky I am to be a Cowboy and to be associated with people like you.
One sign at the airport terminal struck me in particular.
“KB and MS would be proud.”
There is no doubt.

Friday, November 18, 2011

My Heart Is Breaking . . .
OSU says women's basketball coach Kurt Budke and assistant women's basketball coach Miranda Serna were killed along with two others Thursday night in a plane crash in Arkansas.

 Please pray for the families, the team,
 and all those affected by this tragedy.
  My heart is heavy.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Planning The Thanksgiving Menu . . .

I'm excited that my sister and brother-in-law will be joining us for Thanksgiving dinner this year.
Susan and I have been planning the menu over the phone.
We talked about how Thanksgiving dinners were when we were growing up.
Lots and lots of food.  Many side dishes, salads, and desserts.
Our Grandma's, Minnie and Ruby, always seemed to be in competition to bring the biggest and best bowls full of  the latest "new" recipes they had discovered.
Mother also liked to prepare great dishes, desserts, and bread.
Sometime in the 70s Mother introduced a new bread to the Thanksgiving feast.
Ever since then it has became a standard for holiday meals.
I have carried on the tradition. 
Have you ever tried Dilly Bread?
You must try it!
Here is the recipe. . .

Dilly Bread

Picture source Google

1 package yeast
1/4 cup warm water
1 cup cottage cheese heated to lukewarm
(I do this in the microwave.)
2 T. sugar
1 instant minced onion
3 T. butter
2 tsp. dill seed
1 tsp. salt
1/4 tsp. soda
1 egg
2 1/4 cups flour

Soften yeast in water.
 Combine in mixing bowl
cottage cheese, sugar, onion, butter, dill seed, salt, soda, beaten egg an softened yeast.
Add flour to form a stiff dough, beating well after each addition.
Cover and let rise in warm place until light and doubles in size, 50 to 60 minutes
Knead down dough and turn into well greased 2 1/2 qt. round or oval casserole.
Let rise in warm place for about 40 minutes.
Bake in 350 degree oven for 25 to 30 minutes until brown
(crust will be dark brown).
Brush with butter.

The combination of dill & cottage cheese really make this delicious.
Hope you'll try it for your Thanksgiving meal.

* Note *
You can also make this in a bread maker.
Just dump everything in.
If you want to bakc it in a casserole dish just mix it on dough setting.

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Monday, November 14, 2011

Our Beautiful Tree . . .

We got to spend some time with our Grandkids Sunday evening.

Before it got dark, Hubby took the kids for a wagon ride.

This was Emma's first wagon ride.
Riding in the wagon is one of Ethan's favorite things to do.
Pillow Pal, Bullet, joined them.

Our flaming red maple tree is absolutely beautiful this year.
The picture does not do it justice.
As you can see, our neighbor's tree has already lost its leaves.
Our tree is always one of the last trees to show Autumn colors.
I love it!

Enjoy your day . . .

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Weekly Words To Live By #75. . .

Give Thanks With A Grateful Heart

Give thanks with a grateful heart
Give thanks unto the Holy One
Give thanks because He's given Jesus Christ, His Son.

Give thanks with a grateful heart
Give thanks unto the Holy One
Give thanks because He's given Jesus Christ, His Son.

And now let the weak say, "I am strong"
Let the poor say, "I am rich"
Because of what the Lord has done for us.

And now let the weak say, "I am strong"
Let the poor say, "I am rich"
Because of what the Lord has done for us.

Give thanks
Give thanks 

Wishing you a Sunday full of thanksgiving . . . 

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Saturday Snapshots . . .

It's cloudy, windy, and cool this morning.

love my Mary Engelbreit calendar . . .

wearing my Pistol Pete earrings . . .

wishing you a warm & cozy Saturday . . .

Friday, November 11, 2011

Veterans Day Tribute . . .

I want to say how grateful I am to all those who served in the past and those presently in the military.

Today I'm paying tribute to our nephew, Craig, who was a POW during the Gulf War in 1991.

On Monday, January 28, 1991 Craig was on a bombing mission in his Harrier jet over Kuwait when his aircraft was shot down. Other airmen in the area saw the Harrier explode when it hit the ground, but were unable to determine if Craig ejected from the aircraft. The following day our family was notified that he was missing in action. The Marine Corps requested that our family not make public statements regarding the situation. We had hope that maybe he got out of the plane before it crashed. We did not know if he was dead or alive. We were in constant prayer and were glued to the television in hopes of hearing any news about Craig. On March 5, 1991, our prayers were answered. Craig was released by the Iraqis in a group of 15 American POWS. He had been held near Basra. We later were told on his first day as a POW, his captors broke his left leg with a metal pipe and beat him with on ax handle. His leg was not treated. He was kept blindfolded, and handcuffed so tightly the nerves in his hand were crushed.

Thank you, Craig!
You are a hero!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Christmas Shopping . . .

Yes, yes, yes, I know Thanksgiving is 2 weeks from today!
I couldn't help myself, I started doing some Christmas shopping online today.

Some of the places I shopped today . . .

I bought some fun toys for the grandkids on QVC.

Then, I spent time checking out some cool stuff on this site.

. . . is a fun, easy way to shop, but
I will do some traditional in store shopping because it's fun to feel the hustle and bustle of the season.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

More Thanksgiving Bling . . .

Before I bore show you more Thanksgiving Bling 2011 let me give you an update on the latest news from Oklahoma.  Yesterday was another eventful day . . . tornadoes, severe thunderstorms, flooding and another EARTHQUAKE!  We felt the 4.7 quake at 8:46 PM.  I know, CRAZY!  Today we're having more thunderstorms.  We desperately need the rain, but not the flooding.  

More Thanksgiving Bling 2011 . . .

the kitchen window . . .

the kitchen chandelier . . .

vintage postcard and Grandma Ruby's turkey . . .

this happy little Amish family took a tumble during the Sat. night quake . . .

entry table . . .

I bought these items at Hobby Lobby a few years ago . . .

this turkey is hanging out in the dinning room . . .

Wishing you a terrific Tuesday . . .

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