Saturday, October 4, 2008

Garage Sales. . .

My hubby & I went to several garage sales in our subdivision. We met a few neighbors for the first time, very nice folks. Bob bought some air filters (4 for$1.00) & 2 brandnew brass kick plates for our front door ($1.00 each).
I had high hopes to find some items for our grandbaby who will be arriving in March. I need a carseat base for our car & a pack'n play for our house. No such luck. I'll go searching again next weekend.

I also had great expectations for finding little decorating treasures. Well, as you can see I only bought 4 items. The picture was $1.00 (I'll change the color & picture), never used wall candleholder was $2.00 (original price was $10.00), & large votive candleholders 2 for $1.00.

Well friends, I need to get busy baking a coconut cake & getting things ready for our family dinner tomorrow. Hope your Saturday is all that you had planned it to be! :>)


Anonymous said...

hey you got a pic from the web on there. Good job!

Rose of Sharon said...

You got some awesome deals girly! Don't you just love garage sales! I do the same thing and buy things like picture frames for cheap and then paint them. I can't believe you got brass kick plates for your doors for $1.00!!! AMazing! I love garage sales!

Hugs, Sharon

Darlene said...

Looks like you scored on some great finds!!! I just LOVE going to garage sales!