Friday, October 3, 2008

What A Deal. . .

Well, we've made it to Friday! Wanted to share some of my great deals I found recently. If you're like me when you find a great bargain you get all excited & want to let out a little squeal right there in the store. Of course I remain poised, calm, and collected. Most of the time when I'm searching & shopping for treasures I'm by myself & can't express my glee of discovery because I'm really very shy around strangers. Occasionally if several of us bargain hunters are looking at the same display I'll chat it up about what a great deal the store is offering. But, my favorite moment is when I'm all by myself and I find something really wonderful for a very cheap price. Earlier this week I was shopping at Kohl's (love that store) & I found a large picture for $10.89 that was originally over $100.00. The picture was pretty, I liked it except for the fact that the colors weren't my style & taste. I passed. Sigh! Even yesterday I kept thinking about that picture & what a great deal it was.

Aren't these cute jack-o-lanterns? They have a battery operated light. I found them at Dollar Tree last week.

Excuse the bad photography, maybe you can see the tag says TJMaxx, $14.99.

The jar is about 20 inches tall. I have been looking for one of these for sometime. Last week I found one in a booth at a shop I love to go into to get decorating ideas for $40.00. Of course I passed. My patience paid off, what a deal I got!!

My Goodwill buy for this week. This Cake stand & dome was $2.00. The ceramic pumpkins were 99 cents at Walgreens, found them last week.

Found this deal at Kohl's. This looks like a fun application for the wall. I have been eyeing these at other stores, didn't know Kohl's had them. 1/2 price, $14.99. I'll show you where I use these another day.

Got to get busy cleaning house. We're having a family dinner here Sunday after church. Need to shop for food. More later, have a fantastic Friday!


Darlene said...

GREAT buys!! I am like you and want to let out a squeal when I find something I want!! LOVE those little lanterns, I'll have to see if our Dollar Tree has them. Also, I think I bought that same apothecary jar from TJ Maxx a couple of weekends ago! Mine is filled with bones and skeleton heads from Dollar Tree right

tincanlily said...

Looks like you found a lot of neat stuff. But what I liked th best, was the cake on the counter!!!!
I love a bargain!!