Monday, October 27, 2008

Cold October Morning. . .

My goodness it's cold this morning here in Oklahoma. The 1st time I woke up this morning at 5:15 AM the temperature was 36 degrees. The high today should be in the mid 50s. There is a freeze warning for tonight. This normally happens the 1st or 2nd week in November.

We finished planting 2 flats of pansies & 90 tulip bulbs before the sun went down yesterday evening. I didn't get any pictures yesterday because of battery issues with my new camera. By the time I tried to take some shots with my old camera it was too dark. Here are some photos taken this morning.

Pretty pansies standing straight & tall.

We planted red tulips with yellow centers in the empty areas.

I love how the sun looks shining through the 'maiden hair'
ornamental grass.

Fuzzy view of the front of our house.

Wishing you well, enjoy your day everyone!


Stacey said...

Very pretty. You will be so happy to see those tulips in April! It's cold here too. My car said 31 this morning.

Anonymous said...

Hey new plants. Sorry I wasn't there to help plant them, lol. J/K.

Your Son

Kristi said...

Very pretty flowers!

My mom knew a lot about gardening, and she loved flowers.

One of the things I miss about our old home in Houston is all the plants and flowers (and the full grown trees).

Mom had planted them all herself (except for the trees).

Mom planted two sego palms, one on either side of our front walk way.

The new house we're in doesn't have much in the way of landscaping, just a row of small bushes in the front.

I don't know how long Dad plans on staying in this house (he's said before we might live in it only a year or two before we move again. I hope he doesn't move again.)

If we live here longer, I hope he plants some more stuff. I'd really love trees in the yard here - and flowers.