Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Tea Towel Chores. . .

I remember my grandmas having tea towels with the days of the week embroidered on them. The towels would show a woman doing a different household chore for each day. Sunday~resting, Monday~ laundry, Tuesday~ironing, Wednesday~sewing & mending, Thursday~shopping, Friday~cleaning, Saturday~baking.

My mom didn't have a set of these tea towels that I remember, but she did follow the 'tea towel chore schedule'. I vividly remember walking home from school on Mondays during the colder months of the year & seeing the windows all steamed up, which meant we were having beans for dinner that evening because she had been doing laundry all day. We probably didn't have beans every Monday, but it seemed like it to me. As a child I didn't care for beans too much, as an adult I love them.
Until my mom got a clothes dryer in 1970 our laundry was hung on the line. In the winter it was more challenging because clothes would freeze on the line, then you would take them inside to dry on the wooden drying rack sitting on top of the floor furnace. It was quite an ordeal!

Here are two examples of chore tea towels.

These tea towels were given to my by our dear neighbor, Bonnie, when we moved into our first home in 1976. These towels are hand painted. They don't have the days of the week, just pictures of a little lady doing different things around the house.
Here's a close up of one of my favorites. I have never used these towels. They have been hidden away for years. I think I'll start displaying one or two in the kitchen or laundry room. Any suggestions?

It's cool & rainy here today. It's a perfect day for tortilla soup, I'll post the recipe tomorrow. Have a wonderful Wednesday!


Stacey said...

What a fun collection. You know, we ate pinto beans all the time growing up. I still love them. My kids think they are gross...they will learn one of these days. :)

Susan said...

Carol- thanks so much for stopping by my blog- I love your blog and that photo of the fall colors is absolutely gorgeous!
My Mom used to have those tea towels- I havent seem them since I was a kid! I will be back to see the next fun things you post about!

Mary said...

Sis you really have me thinking about the good ole days of Beans on Monday. I can still smell it! Oh yes and remember the corn bread, hot rolls and the best cinnamon rolls on earth!
Martha Stewart watch out! Carol's Heirloom Collection could go Prime Time!
Love you

Rose of Sharon said...

Oh, they are just darling! I really think you should display them some how in your kitchen. Maybe hang a few and perhaps even frame a couple?

Hugs, Sharon

tincanlily said...

Great towels! I should follow that schedule I might get something done.