Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Collections. . .

I have several collections that I enjoy. Today I'm featuring my Colonial figurine collection. I have them displayed in my corner curio cabinet next to our piano. I haven't added to my collection in several years because the three shelves are full, & I decided it was time to stop buying. However, the next time I'm in a flea market or antique mall & I see a figurine that is the right price I may add a piece or two to my collection. Most of these pieces were $4.00 or less.

I want to point out two of my favorite items on this shelf. In the lower left you see a cute little bride & groom kissing. They were part of the cake topper that we had on our wedding cake 33 years ago. Also, notice the hand holding a fan. This was Grandma Ruby's vase.

The tallest piece, a couple, on the back left belonged to my mom. This is what got me started collecting.

Hmm, I wander what I'll start collecting next? Maybe I need to start antiquing again!

Glad you stopped by today! Hope you'll come back soon!


Mary said...

Thanks for bring me down memory lane. I remember alot of your collecttion pieces from my childhood.

Stephanie said...

What a neat collection. Thanks for sharing something that means a lot to you.