Monday, October 6, 2008


It's Monday & I certainly hope all of you are having a marvelous day! I'm doing much better now since my tooth extraction is over!! The only good thing about this procedure is Dr. D. Woodward is a wonderfully kind, caring, Christian doctor. This is my 2nd time to see him. I love you Dr. Woodward, thank you for your prayers! :>)

Well, enough about me! I'm anxiously wanting to hear what fun recipes & projects you gals may have plans for this week. Looking forward to reading your blogs.

Have a wonderful day!! :>)

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Mary said...

Glad the tooth thing is behind you. Now enjoy the rest of this beautiful Fall day. I bought some Cali Lillys today for the big wedding day. I also found a wholesale place to order fresh Calis for the brides bouquet. Fun Fun.