Friday, June 1, 2012

VBS Memories

This is a re post from June 3, 2009

Vacation Bible School Memories 

Early this morning when I woke up it was cool & rainy.
This sparked a memory of Vacation Bible School when I was a child.

VBS at our little Baptist church began the week
after Memorial Day & was a two week event.
None of our mothers worked out of the home
so they were experts of dedicating themselves to VBS.
I remember the first few days of VBS always being rainy & cool.
Here are a few of my memories of Vacation Bible School.
* Lining up on the front steps of the church for the grand entry
* Pledging allegiance to the American 
& Christian flags & the Bible
* Memorizing scripture verses
* Fruit punch served in jelly glasses & homemade cookies
* Playing games on the church lawn
* Arts & crafts projects
One year when I was about 10 years old we made a rooster
on a large piece of plywood out of seeds. 
Believe me, we needed the full two weeks to complete the project!

Now in the 21st century most churches have streamlined VBS.
Some hold VBS in the evening after parents get off work.
Now Mom & dad can both be part of the fun.


Sis Sue said...

I remember making a mini cage out of craft sticks, I choose a green hippo for my cage. Lining up to march into church was always a big deal, and the piano music to instruct you to sit down and stand up.

Kerin said...

Sounds like fun summer memories :)

Hope that this is a great weekend for you!

Smiles :)

Opie Dawn said...

Great memories! Elise will get to go next year!