Monday, June 4, 2012

Gully Washer

Last night's storm was a gully washer!
Definition of a gully washer . . .
"A torrential rain that causes ditches to overflow creating 
flash floods on streets and roadways."
When I finally went to bed after 1:00 AM this morning the wind, lightening & heavy rain started.
The storm continued for several hours.
Many homes here in Tulsa lost power, thankfully not us.
The red bud tree outside the brick wall looks a little bedraggled this morning.
Our backyard is filled with leaves from the red bud.
One of our hummingbird feeders is empty after the wind whipped it around.
Our neighbor's backyard.

When I opened to front door to take a look I heard the sound of a saw.
Our neighbor up the street was working on this limb that broke off his tree.

We still have dark, grey skies this morning.
I should go out & pick up leaves, but I think I'll just have another cup of coffee & read the paper.

So glad you stopped by!
Have a great day!


Lori Lucas said...

I was headed out to Cleveland this morning and read the paper (online) and saw where they were under flash flood warnings and more expected rain too. I think I will postpone my trip for a day or two! Hopefully there will be no more damage for anyone! Enjoy your coffee! Lori

Sis Sue said...

Flooding not good, storm damage not good, rain very good. We had a total of 15 raindrops over the weekend. Hope the storm clean up in your neck of the woods goes well.

Elena said...

Wow, what I storm! Glad you are Okay. Wished I could of sent our rain you way, nice a gentle:)

Patsy said...

We got it with lot's of rain and wind. I was out early cleaning up.Some trees down and a roof off in the neighborhood.