Saturday, June 16, 2012

All Tied Up

It's been a Pinteresting week for me.
I finished 3 projects from Pinterest . . . 
crock pot mac & cheese 
Father's Day Banner
Weight Watchers lemon bars
Here's the Father's Day banner I made from the free download on Pinterest.
Click on picture to go to the link.

 I also made the cupcake picks. 
 Come back Monday to see the finished cupcakes.  
I'll be icing them later today.

Now for a review on the lemon bar recipe from Pinterest.
My bars tasted better than they looked.
If you like lemon you may like this Weight Watchers 3 pt. dessert.
Click on this picture from Pinterest for the recipe.
Lemon Bars

Hope you're having a fantastic Father's Day weekend!


Susy said...

LOVE the Fathers Day banner! People are so clever and technology can be a blessing. I'm not going near Pinterest cuz I know I wouldn't get anything else done. I'll enjoy it vicariously thru you (**

Sis Sue said...

Great job on the banner. Since you are into Pinterest, does that make you a pinhead? ; )

Tracie Carlton said...

Love that banner... I'm a pinterest fanatic... and somehow I've missed that one. Thanks for posting!

Becky K. said...

That Father's Day banner is adorable. And we love lemon bars around here. Warren's mom makes them very well.
Pinterest is doing well by you.
I visit it very rarely with all of the necessary computer time I put in.