Sunday, June 17, 2012

Remembering Daddy

My Daddy, Gerald, and Bobby, September 1981.
Bobby was 2 months old, Daddy was celebrating his 55th birthday.
Riding bikes with Bobby.

My Daddy passed away when Bobby was 6 years old.
Daddy left us too soon, he was 61.
I often think how much he would have loved 
watching my son grow up.
He would have loved seeing his grandson do so many things . . .
playing baseball, playing the saxophone just like him, learning to drive, getting his first car, growing to be over 6 feet tall. graduating from OSU, getting married, becoming a Daddy.

Happy Father's Day, Daddy.
Love & miss you so much . . .


Sis Sue said...

Dad was so very happy in that first picture. He loved having his first grandson. The bike picture is classic, the grass was ultra green. I agree he was gone too soon.

Mary said...

What sweet words about Dad. Brought tears of missing him this morning. I miss you too dad. See you someday again in heaven.

Unknown said...

What a lovely tribute to your Dad. You've created a beautiful blog.