Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Memories of Ralph & Ruby's Garden

Hubby brought home a sack of these beauties on Tuesday.
Fresh tomatoes remind me of my grandpa Ralph & Grandma Ruby's garden.
I enjoyed grabbing a tomato & a salt shaker
 & eating it like an apple.
Their pretty garden provided fresh vegetable 
for us all summer.
During the winter months we enjoyed the canned goods from that garden.
Oh, the memories of working in that garden and helping with the canning.
I mostly helped with the green beans.
Picking & snapping.
I watched Mother & Grandma can the beans in a hot
 un-airconditioned kitchen.
My sisters & I were always warned to stay away from the pressure cooker.
Wish I could travel back in time to experience that one more time.

I found an idea on Pinterest the other day for making a salad in a tomato.
Tomato with cottage cheese, cucumber, green onion and pepper. Wow!
(click on picture for the Pinterest source)
Tomato with cottage cheese, cucumber, green onion and pepper.
This will be my lunch today!
Mmmmmm, can't wait!


Susy said...

Such a sweet memory ~ take me with you! and a yummo lunch idea.

Sis Sue said...

I too enjoy the memories of that huge garden. I was so afraid of the pressure cooker. Mom must have really scared us about it. I remember she would get steam burns.

Barb said...

Love this, Carol. I grew up with parents that always had a garden...everything we ate was fresh.

I still sniff tomatoes in the grocery story (with the vines) and it takes me right back to my childhood.


Elena said...

This post brings back memories of when I was a child. My folks always had a big vegetable garden with so many wonderful things we ate fresh and canned.

Unknown said...

Nothing tastes better than a tomato right off the plant with plenty of salt. I can almost taste it..

One More Time Events said...

Just found you and now following! My tomatoes are not yet ripe, but your tomatoe with cottage cheese etc sounds so good!

One More Time Events said...

I had this for dinner tonight and it was so good! Thanks for sharing!