Thursday, June 28, 2012

Summertime & The Livin' Is Easy

I edited my chalkboard message this morning.
This sums it up better.
I'm thankful for air-conditioning.
It's hard to believe I grew up without it.

My deck flowers are doing well with daily watering
and a little Miracle-Grow once a week.

Let's don't forget to pray for those in Colorado & Utah
affected by the wildfires.
A blogging friend in Utah posted yesterday that the 
youth camp her son is working at was being evacuated.


Marina said...

Hi Carol, yes, it's hot-hot-hot here too! Rain would be a blessing, for everyone, and especially for those in Colorado and Utah.

Becky K. said...

My MIL threatened/offered to water the plants on my deck yesterday. I wisely took the hint and watered them then and again this morning. Sigh...I'm a bad plant mama.

Those fires are so scary. Praying for the many, many who are impacted.

Elena said...

Your flowers are beautiful. I join with you in the prayers for the firefighters and people being displaced by the fire. My nephew and his family were evacuated from their home in Colorado Springs. They are safe with friends and so far their neighborhood has not been reached by the fird.

Kerin said...

Hi Carol...
Seeing your edited version of your chalkboard makes me smile :)

Such gorgeous flowers. They, unlike me, really love this blistering heat we've been getting~~LOL!

Thanks so much for your concern and prayers for us, and for all that have suffered from the wildfires this year.

All the kids, and staff and Spencer are safe and sound.
Just watching the news to see how much damage is being done by the fires.
Not much chance that they will get to go back to the camp any time soon.
Praying that the camp does not burn down.

Thanks again!


Sis Sue said...

It is so how is it? It's so hot that the birds are lined up at the birdbath for a swim and a drink...true story.

Thinking of all those impacted by the wildfires.