Friday, August 20, 2010

You've Got To Be Kidding . . .

Excuse me while I rant & rave a little.
A few days ago I saw a story on a local TV channel that made me so mad!
A large school district outside Oklahoma City is charging teachers a fee for using the following items.

lamps $15.00

fans $30.00
I can understand a school system trying to save money, but this is outrageous.
As a retired teacher I can't imagine charging teachers for using a fan or lamp in their classroom. I had a desk lamp & several others around the room to add a little coziness.
I had to have a fan, especially during the hot months. Not to mention that the thermostats were controlled by a computer. The AC & heater would shut off about 15 minutes before school was dismissed. I can't imagine working after school with no fan! I could handle the lack of no heat because I could put on a jacket or sweater.
Okay, bear with me, I'm almost finished.
Teacher's spend so much of their own money to buy things for their classroom, I know I did.
I can't understand why they're charging teachers who are trying to make their classroom a comfortable place for learning.
I'm finished now.
What's your opinion?


Parsley said...

CRAZY!! It's hard to believe but I know this kind of stuff is happening.

Becky K. said...

I agree with you!!! Where is all of the money going? Taxes continue to go up but the money is not getting to the teachers or students, it seems!

Becky K.

Christine said...

Time to call the teacher's union and file a grievence! Unfit working conditions for sure. Ridiculous!

Darlene said...

This is THE most ridiculous thing I have EVER heard of!!! Really, REALLY sad!!!!!! Love your choice of song!!!

Amelia said...

I think it is time for an audit of the books of this school district. I love sports and I think they are important - but I bet you (and I am not a gambling person) money that is spent in that area could be scaled back - and the teachers could use these items free. Do the football players have to pay to use the showers? I rest my case!

Patsy said...

Tell me what is NOT out of whack?
Is this all going to end bad for America? Where is common sense?

Stacey said...

That would be us!! I think everyone feels so lucky to still have a job that there hasn't been too much fussing. Many teachers have removed lamps or the lightbulbs that were in them. :)Fans, refrigerators, and microwaves have all marched out or been paid for.

The teacher across the hall from me said that in her old school district they weren't even allowed to have scented plug ins. That one really made me laugh. Apparently whoever made that rule hasn't been in the room with kids after recess. :)

Mary said...

crazy for sure! Teachers salary is outrageously to low as it is, and now this! America better wake up. Time to stand and fight. Teacher have america's future, our children, in their hands as they teach and motivate.
Our government better do some soul searching.

Alicia @ said...

I totally agree with you! When I was teaching I invested a lot of money into teaching and Ryan does as well! I would be fumming!