Friday, August 27, 2010

Lush & Lovely . . .

Our little 'victory garden' didn't fare too well in the extreme
temperatures of 100 plus days, even with daily watering.
However, some of our plants survived.

The Boston ferns we bought for $5 at Lowe's tripled in size.

They get morning sun, daily watering, and fertilizer every other week.

Even in the shade the Impatiens suffered a little,
but they should bounce back.

The Lantanas and Begonias did well in the full sun.

I'm lovin' this cooler weather.
Happy Friday to you all!


Marilyn said...

I'm loving this cooler weather too. I have a painting project going outside but Nicky has camped out on the steps right where I need to be. Our cat runs the house, you know. Love the pictures of your little ones! Enjoy this weather.

Mary said...

what a refreshing moment looking at your ferns. It's truly like being there. Thanks for sharing today. Have a great Friday!

Annie Joy said...

Oh, yes, it has been very nice these past days, hasn't it? I guess we'll still have some hot ones, but Oklahoma autumn is coming -- wonder how many days it will last this year? :) Your ferns look beautiful! Annie

Patsy said...

Oh! it is so nice here in the moring but up in the day it is hot but not 100.

Kerin said...

Gorgeous ferns! I've always loved Boston ferns. They look so old fashioned and summery. There used to be a little lady in our neighborhood when I was young, and she had a Boston fern hanging in her front room window that was the size of a small car :)
Thanks for sharing your gorgeous green pictures!

nancy said...

Pretty flowers and plants. It is cool here in NY. SOon the weekend gets here, its calling for upper
80's and 90's. Have a good weekend. Nancy

Debbie said...

Most of our pretty things and edible ones as well surrendered to the 100 plus days. It was a scorcher for sure this year.

Love your survivors and thrivers!

Come on fall... Come on fall...!

Sherry said...

How beautiful! My hubs fixed a watering system for our plants and hanging ferns that is on a timer and they are beautiful!

I am loving this cooler weather, too. Thursday, Valerie and I had lunch outdoors at a restaurant and the weather was awesome!

We need to plan another lunch -- in our area this time.


Sweet Tea said...

I too, bought ferns from Lowes this year. You got a better deal as I paid $7 for mine. (smile) They have faired better than any of my other plants and I consider them a Bargain! What a deal we found!!

Cindy said...

My Boston ferns are doing very well, just like yours. They are giants compared to when I purchased them. Like yours, mine get the morning sun. You have more than I do, tho:)

Becky K. said...

Love the ferns! I put some asparagus ferns in my container gardens on the deck. When the other plants suffer from the heat and dry conditions it thrives.

I just might begin to believe in ferns. I thought they were too finicky for me....but maybe not.

Becky K.

Anonymous said...

Your Boston ferns look fabulous. Mine did well, too. Most of my stuff withered away, too. It's so nice to have cooler temps now. This sure has been a rough summer all over the country. Hugs.

tincanlily said...

It has been hot here in New England, too. We had a few rainy days last week, but now we are looking at temps in the 90's for the rest of the week. My plants are doing ok, not great! The mums are already out at the store, I just can't buy them yet. That would be admitting that summer is coming to an end!

Elena said...

Your garden is so pretty! The Boston ferns are just gorgeous!

Opie Dawn said...

When I see a fern my thoughts go straight to you! I read today that keeping a fern in the bathroom is good for cleaning indoor air...not sure if it is true, but thought it was interesting.

Love you,