Sunday, August 8, 2010

Weekly Words To Live By #17 . . .

This is dedicated to all you teachers who will be
returning to the classroom soon.
It's also dedicated to all of us who are retired teachers.
I kept this quote on my refrigerator for years.
It showed up again when I was cleaning
my kitchen desk the other day.
I always feel warm and fuzzy when I read it.

"Most of us end up with no more than
five or six people who remember us.
Teachers have thousands of people who remember
them for the rest of their lives."
~ Andy Rooney
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Patsy said...

I am 71 and I remember my first grade teacher, her name was Miss. Rogers. good post!

Oklahoma Granny said...

I remember the majority of my teachers and if I thought really hard about it I could probably remember every last single one of them. Some were excellent beyond measure*, some were good and unfortunately a few were bad**.

*Miss Tyler, Mrs Burke, Mrs Patton, Mrs Mayfield, Mrs Phillips, Mrs Burton, Mr Ballard - I thank each of them for giving me the gift of loving to learn.

**These few will remain nameless but that doesn't mean they aren't remembered. They could have too easily set me on a different path had I not had those excellent teachers listed above.

Suzy said...

I never really thought about it but it's so true!
ps. great header!

Anonymous said...

Hi Carol! That is a great quote and I have a hand full of teachers who are burned into my tiny mind! They encouraged me and helped me to realize I could do more that I thought I could.
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Donna (Timeless Settings) said...

I love the this post! My Mom was a kindergarten teacher and had so many kids who loved her so much!


Tracy F. said...

A lovely quote and the Norman Rockwell painting is the perfect accompaniment.
A group of us who went to 1st grade together and, in some cases, haven't seen each other in 45-50 years have recently been reminiscing about our old teachers on Facebook. It's amazing how much we remember about them, after all these years. My 81-yr. old mother still remembers some of her elementary school teachers, too. Teachers do, indeed, leave a legacy.

Sweet Tea said...

Kindergarten Teacher - Ms. Jones
1st gr. - Ms. Lamb

I remember MANY of my teachers.
Good post!

Christine said...

I hope so. I still hear from some students I had years ago. Some I keep up with on fb. Do you ever have nightmares about your classroom being unruly and you have no control? I do every so often. I have no idea why.

pogonip said...

Love it, Carol! I hope I'm one of those teachers, but as long as my kindergartners learn to love school and learning, I'm happy even if they don't remember me!

Opie Dawn said...

Such a great quote! Thanks for sharing. J and I signed up for another year of teaching Sunday School. Thanks for sharing.