Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Rearrange Redecorating . . .

After living in this house for 6 years it was time to rearrange and redecorate. You've probably heard about shopping your own house before you buy anything new. This is exactly what I did 3 weeks ago, but I couldn't do it by myself, so I got some help from a semi-professional decorator, my sister, Mary. The past several years she's been helping decorators. Recently she's been helping decorate a 6,000 sq. ft. home in Houston.

Mary came for a visit 3 weeks ago. We had only planned on redoing a large wall in the piano room, but the ideas started flowing and one thing led to another. It's so nice to have someone who doesn't see your house everyday come up with creative ways to make a new look without spending big bucks. So, over 3 days the hall, dining room, kitchen, living room & piano room got a face lift.

Today I'm showing the kitchen. If you visited me for the 'rooster party' last week you've already seen some areas of the kitchen.

The kitchen kind of took on the theme of a French kitchen. Everything was something I already owned with the exception of the black rooster from Target you saw last week and what you'll see in the last picture.

This is my Mother's flatware that's been hiding
in a cabinet for 12 years. I thought it would
be neat to display it on the cake stand in
white pitchers and an old glass icebox storage container.
The salt & pepper shakers are Candlewick
that belonged to my Mother.
Now we can use these more often.

The red lamp came from the guest bedroom.
The red topped chest used to be in my classroom.
I had stored it the guest bedroom closet.

We added some wall sconces & topiaries that
used to be in other parts of the house.

Enjoy Your Meal !

We found this at Hobby Lobby for 1/2 off.
I've never been good on ladders, so Mary took over and got the job done.

Come back tomorrow to see the dining room.
Hope you're staying cool!
Here in Oklahoma we're having temps of over 100 everyday this week.


Melissa Miller said...

Carol it all looks fabulous! She really did a great job. The lamp and flatware vignette is very pretty, warm and welcoming.

Have a good week.
~Melissa :)

Mary said...

Your post was a Better Homes and Garden moment! It was fun looking back at our 3days of "Design on a Dime.
I think it turned out great!

Sweet Tea said...

Great job!!
You'll use the flatware more now AND you'll think of your Mom everytime you see it out in clear view. Love it!

Christine said...

Thanks for the ideas. Hope you don't mind me borrowing a few of them.

Angie said...

Your kitchen looks great! Love that vignette in the first picture and also the topiaries on the little shelves. It all looks very cozy which is what I love!

Anonymous said...

Your sis has done a great job! Kinda fun discovering you have a whole new way of using old things. Yes, it is hot here in Oklahoma, but rather than stay housebound, I've gotten out everyday to enjoy what's left of summer before it goes. That, and sweat in the yard finishing that new flower bed! Sweltering, to be sure, but I'd rather sweat than shiver. I'm looking forward to more pictures!


Cindy said...

HGTV used to have a show that did just what you are doing, and I loved watching it. It is truly amazing how different a room can look with some things removed and other things brought in from other rooms. Wonderful that you are displaying and using your mother's things! Love the look!

Oklahoma Granny said...

The cake plate/silverware grouping is just simply lovely. Oh, to have someone in my family with decorating experience. You are one lucky lady.

It is SO hot here. I'm really looking forward to Fall!

Bargain Decorating with Laurie said...

Carol, can you send Mary my way? This looks great! Love your letters from Hobby Lobby, and I love that you have your mother's flatware displayed so beautifully. laurie

Elena said...

Wow how fun! It looks great!

nancy said...

Beautiful displays. Hot and muggy here in Western New york. In the mid 80's. Yes, I keep cool between the a/c and the pool. Take care! Nancy

Chicken Wrangler said...

You have a very cozy looking home! It was fun looking at the pictures!

Opie Dawn said...

Love the new look! I love to shop our house and try to find new ways of using items. Your house is always so comfy cozy!