Wednesday, October 23, 2013

When To Buy Halloween Candy

When do you buy Halloween candy for trick or treaters? 
My Hubby wanted to buy the treats at Sam's 3 or 4 weeks ago.  I said, "No.  It's too early."  The reason I said that to him was I knew that the treats would be gone long before Halloween.  I'm sure some of you can identify with that situation.
This is our treat basket from 2011.  See anything you like?
I see chocolate in this candy bounty.
We usually buy a chocolate mix.  You know, those gigantic bags at Sam's that are the size of pillows.
One year I bought large bags of Dum Dums.  No temptation for me.  I don't like them.  Kids love 'em.
The Halloween without chocolate was not well received in our home. 
Chocolate is the candy of choice for our Halloween treats.
Bad for me, great for everyone else.  Being a diabetic is not fun during the trick or treat season.

My sisters & I like to reminisce about our trick or treat years.
We always talk about the little lady at the end of the block who always gave out popcorn balls wrapped in wax paper.  We always ate them.  There was no fear of anything poisonous and deadly in those treats.
  I long for the good old days. 

Back to my original question.  
When do you buy Halloween candy?  


Sis Sue said...

I buy candy the day before or the day of Halloween. I could go for one of those popcorn balls about now. ; )

Vee said...

It's bought and hidden. So far so good! I do feel like having some candy corn.

Kerin said...

Well, we waited too long last year, and barely found any Halloween candy at all.
We better be quicker this year *grin*

The rule around here, is to only buy what everyone likes, as to not get stuck with candy no one will eat.

Made that mistake one year.... boy oh boy, we had sour pixie sticks still around in December!

Smiles :)

Sue said...

Chocolate is my favorite for Halloween or any time for that matter.~smile~ We don't buy early because it would not be around for trick or treaters.I too, long for the good old days. Thanks for sharing.

The Tablescaper said...

I buy it when I see a sale and then try to hide it. There is no doubt chocolate rules in my house too and some of it will be found before Halloween.

- The Tablescaper

Unknown said...

I have already bought Halloween candy twice this year. LOL. But guess what??? It is already gone. Chocolate is definitely my favorite. However, I have bought two big bags of small tootsie roll suckers. So it doesn't really matter when I buy it, I will still have to buy more...