Thursday, October 3, 2013

Shopping Overload

After lunch I made a trip to browse & buy at Hobby Lobby.  Oh, my GOODNESS!  So much eye candy!  Cute Halloween items.  Wonderful Thanksgiving stuff.  The Christmas bling was overwhelming!  It may be my imagination, but I think there is more Christmas than I've seen before at Hob Lob.
Since I was so overwhelmed I didn't buy much.  In fact, I just bought 1 item.
I'm a big spender!  40% off, a total of $1.29.

Happy Thursday everyone!


Kerin said...

Teehee... you are my kind of girl :)
Sometimes I will only window shop, or buy a few items, when there are too many things to buy. Otherwise, I suffer with a major case of buyers remorse.

Love the cupcake bling!

Smiles :)

Sis Sue said...

You know what they say less is more. You buy less and the store has more. ; )