Thursday, October 24, 2013

Some Of My Favorites

I must confess again, that I am addicted to Pinterest.
Here are some of my favorite pins from the last few days.

Here's a fun idea for a Halloween treat that doesn't have any calories.  Socks!  The post also has other cute ideas that you'll want to check out.

Great idea for a patio or deck.  A bucket table.  You can store things in the bucket.  Genius!

An easy apple place card forThanksgiving dinner.

Make 8 meals in one hour to freeze & cook later in the crock pot.  Great comfort food meals.

And, last but not least a picture of my adorable great niece, Madison.  She did not like the school's pumpkin patch.  Maddie is the spitting image of her mommy, April.  Love this!

Happy Thursday 


Sis Sue said...

For real, Madison is carbon copy of her mommy. That picture is a hoot, love that little pouting lip.

Pinterest's slogan could be nobody can pin just one. One more, one more. ; )

Kerin said...

Some really cute ideas.

I love Pinterest too.. and probably spend too much time on it.

What a cutie Madison is!

Enjoy your holiday, my friend.


Sue said...

Great ideas Carol! The apple place card i really like,Madison is so cute!! Thanks for sharing.