Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Dark & Stormy Day

It is a dark & stormy day.  I was bolted awake early this morning by huge clap of thunder.  About the time I think it going to clear off I hear another rumble of thunder.  
Since it is so dark I decided to add a little more Halloween bling & light a few candles.
Friendly scarecrow & pumpkin on the mantel
Orange candle votives glowing on the staircase.
Colored lights on the piano.
Candy corn lights on the entry table.
Oops, looks like one little guy needs a new light bulb.
Happy Halloween Eve everyone!


Sis Sue said...

Adding lights is always a good idea, so cozy. Your kidos will love it all.

Vee said...

It looks very cozy...hope there are no thunder rumbles tomorrow.