Saturday, June 8, 2013

Vintage PJs

Before the kids went home Thursday night after our family dinner/Kari's birthday party, the grandkids took baths.  They love splashing around in our big bathtub.
Ethan enjoyed his bubble bath.
Here's Ethan wearing his Daddy's vintage PJs.
Recently, when I was cleaning out a closet I found some PJs that my Mother made for Bobby when he was Ethan's age.  I was pleasantly surprised that they all were in good shape.  The elastic in the waistbands were still good.  They're perfect for summertime.  My Mother would be so thrilled to see her great grandson wearing the PJs she made his Daddy 28 years ago.


Elena said...

That is so awesome. I was so thrilled that Mary got to wear some things that my mom had made for my oldest niece that is 28 years older than Mary. I had the same feelings of how happy my mom would of been to see her in them.

Sue said...

Now how cool is this that Ethan gets to wear his dad's pjs! Our grandkids, loved taking baths in my vintage tub.

Checked out the birthday party and everything looked wonderful.
Enjoy your weekend.

Sis Sue said...

Love the pjs. Mom shoppped the remnant fabric bins, and liked the challenge of making something out of a bargin. Her hands had a gift.