Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Recipe Reviews

We're starting to harvest tomatoes.  
Total count so far, 9.  Looking forward to enjoying fresh tomatoes with salads, sandwiches, & salsas this summer.

Now for the review of the Pinterest recipes I tried yesterday.
These crackers are amazing.  I'm  renaming them 'fire crackers'.  If you want more heat just add more red pepper flakes.

The only herbs I had on hand was dill weed from my spice drawer & fresh Rosemary from my deck.  I cheated a little on the kneading & let my mixer with dough hook do the work.  I did not sprinkle with Kosher salt before baking because we try to steer clear of added sodium. 
The herbs make them tasty.  Next time I may let my bread machine do the dough mixing work or I may try the old fashioned kneading.  Over all the rolls were good, but I think my family prefers old fashioned yeast rolls.

I'm not the 'Pioneer Woman', but it's fun trying, even if I make a huge mess in the kitchen!.


Sis Sue said...

The tomatoes look so nice. Glad you are enjoying your recipes.

Vee said...

Thank you for the honest assessment! The rolls still look good.