Monday, June 24, 2013

Super Sunday

Our Sunday was super!  Grilled chicken, oven fries, salad, cookies for a late lunch.  Later, hot dogs & etc.  The grandkids enjoyed slipping & sliding on the new slip & slide.
Ethan told us he was having fun.  Emma just watched.  She wasn't quite sure about getting wet.
Later, we sat on the deck & watched the Super Moon.
This was taken with my iPhone, excuse the poor quality.  
I enjoyed seeing several Super Moon photos that my friends posted on Facebook.
Here's a couple of my favorites.
Morning moon, by Larry.
Framed by trees, by Susan.

Hope you had a super Sunday!


Sis Sue said...

The water slide looks like super dooper fun!

Vee said...

She looks as if she'll be ready the next time it comes out. I'm so glad that some were able to see the moon. I'm going to try again tonight even though it's on the wane. It's been rainy for the past two nights.

Elena said...

Now that looks like a super duper slip and slide. Mary took a few years to enjoy getting wet but she loves the spray parks now :)