Saturday, April 27, 2013

Storms, Sleeping & Shopping

Kari & the kids had a sleepover with we me last night.
Before we ate dinner we went shopping at the new Sprouts store around the corner.

They just opened on Wednesday.  It was super crowded.
That was an experience.  I'm so looking forward to shopping there for organic & fresh food.

Late last night we had storms in our state.
Photo: This is from KOCO in OKC.  This is not affecting our immediate area.
This shows the hail near Oklahoma City.
Thankfully, we only got thunderstorms.

Ethan slept well on the queen sized air mattress at the foot of my bed.

This morning our garage sale shopping was a bust.
Hardly anyone was having a garage sale.
We had better luck shopping at our favorite store, Target.

After all that shopping we were more than ready to eat lunch.

We enjoyed our lunch at .McAlister's

Now we're home relaxing & watching Caillou.

Hope you're having as much fun today as we are!


Anonymous said...

Glad your music is back. Have the Sprouts build closer one to Mannford. :-)

Rhonda said...

We only had much needed rain in Stillwater too.
You will love Sprouts and are a lucky duck to have one so close to you. We shop at the Edmond one as we to OKCity often. I like their bulk stuff, their fresh meat is great and so is their produce. Double ads on Wednesday too.

Sis Sue said...

Tons of fun. Ethan is a sweetie pie.