Monday, April 1, 2013

Chocolate Bunnies & Bubbles

We celebrated Easter with our kids on Saturday.
We had fun.
Now, don't judge me, but we ate out instead of having a meal at home.
Our meal at Abuelo's was delicious, & I didn't have a mess to clean up!

Chocolate rabbits of several sizes were enjoyed, but this was the BIGGEST!
Two pounds of milk chocolate!
What's not to love.

Emma & Ethan found bubbles in their Easter baskets from Nana & Papaw.
These faces tell the story about how much fun they had.
We had to stay on the deck because the lawn was too wet.
Fun memories!

Hope your first day of April is the beginning to a wonderful week!


Vee said...

Wow! That's a lot of chocolate!

Sis Sue said...

Your kidos look like they enjoyed a fun time with their goodies. So cute!

Rhonda said...

Arbuelos is are ally good, sounds like a nice idea to me.

Elena said...

Your grandchildren are so cute! We went out to each on Saturday too. For one of the same reasons to save a lot of work and clean up for my MIL. We went to a small but fantastic Mexican restaurant.