Tuesday, April 30, 2013


I'm so excited that I get to see these cuties Thursday evening!
They're coming to Oklahoma from Houston for a family wedding.
My great nieces . . . 
2 year old Iris
11 month old Madison
5 year old Elise

I haven't seen Elise since she was one & I've never met Iris & Madison.
Oh, I'm also excited to see their parents & grandparents, too!


Vee said...

What cuties! I know what you mean...sometimes I remember to say hello to the adults!

camp and cottage living said...

Have fun spoiling then Carol!
They are cuties.

Rhonda said...

how nice! I know you will have fun. They are all adorable

Sue said...

Hi Carol, enjoy your special company, they are adorable.
We have company coming for most of May, I have been busy getting ready for them, and gardening on the side. ~smile~

Elena said...

How fun! They sure are cute!