Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Painted Platter

Here's my garage sale platter painted with chalkboard paint.
I sanded the area before painting.
I did not tape off the area.
I free handed it!
I started taping the area & soon realized that wasn't
 going to work very well.
I painted two coats of Krylon Chalkboard paint
with a sponge brush.
I let it thoroughly dry before applying the 2nd coat.
I'm pleased with the finished project.
Not bad for a 75 cent garage sale find!

Enjoy life . . .
it's delicious!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

Happy May Day!

Now, on to my next project . . . 

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Sis Sue said...

So very charming. Good job.

Elena said...

Good job! That looks really cute. Happy May Day to you too!

Lynne (lynnesgiftsfromtheheart) said...

Love, love, love it..hugs ~lynne~

tincanlily said...

I love it! I made a few a couple of weeks ago. I am now looking for all kinds of platters! I feel bad painting over whatever is in the middle of the trays! Some of the art work is hand painted.

Sue said...

I like this very much, Carol, recently bought some chalk paint to do some projects. This is a great idea, I might to something similar, that is if I can get the fence painting project done. !smile~ Thanks for sharing.Great job!

Kerin said...

Love it!

It will be so nice to have a little extra chalkboard for messages, etc.

Stacey said...


LindaD said...

What a creative idea with the platter! I Love that! Great job!!

Susanne said...

Very cool project. I might try that it I didn't already use a plain pottery platter in my kitchen for leaving messages with dry-erase markers.