Monday, May 7, 2012

The Adventures Of Susan & Mike

Today I'm featuring a guest post by my sister, Susan.
She does not have a blog.  
I keep telling her she should become a blogger. 
 She always sends me fun & interesting e-mails about
 things going on in her corner of the world.

The Adventures Of Susan & Mike
Friday evening when Mike and I finished our walk we saw a flier on the windshield of our car.  My first thought was that somebody hit us and they left their insurance info, since that very thing happened to us a year ago.  What a relief to see that it was an invite to a MINI rally/Mushroom Festival.  We didn't consider going to it at first, but when we woke up early Saturday morning, we threw caution to the wind (should really say caution to humidity) and left our comfort zone and found ourselves meeting 11 other MINI Cooper owners on a town square in Richmond, MO where Morel Mushrooms were the focus.  To insure complete fungus enjoyment we wound up in queue for the parade.   One couple that owned the oldest MINI, 1981 Mayfair was intriguing to me.  He works 2 weeks on 2 weeks off for an Alaska gold mining company.  She is originally from London (love the accent).  She mentioned they own a 150 pound dog named Lloyd (love the 2 'L's) that will ride hunched over in the back seat.  I was told Lloyd is unaware that he is 150 Lbs.   (I too have resistance to owning up to my own weight.)   The humidity was extreme but it didn't dampen our spirit of being a "fun-guy" (fungi). ; )

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Here's the link to the festival information.
Richmond, MO

Susan & Mike's pictures . . .

Mini Coopers
Susan on the left 
Susan in their orange mini 
one of the parade floats

While I was searching for info about the Richmond festival I discovered there are many mushroom festivals in the United States this time of year.

BTW, fried morel mushrooms are delicious!
Hubby fixed several batches a few weeks ago.
A friend, who is a mushroom hunter, shared with us.


Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Good Morning Carol Sweetie...
What a fun share. I love mushrooms and I didn't know there was a festival about this time of year. What a fun experience.

Loved seeing the mini coopers and how fun that Susan has one of them. I loved seeing her smile.

Please encourage her to start a blog. She would have a faithful follower here. I love going on little excursions.

Thanks for sharing the family today sweet friend. Have a glorious Monday. Country hugs and much love, Sherry

Sis Sue said...

I am not a fan of eating mushrooms. So my only purchase of the day was a crochet dishcloth. The lady that made them had stacks and stacks, couldn't resist an orange one.

Kerin said...

What a fun post!

I would have loved to attend that festival.. mini cooper or not :)

Thanks for sharing with us.

Wishing you a great week.