Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Mother's Day

Mother's Day was a great day.
The weather was perfect.
We enjoyed a delicious steak dinner at Freddie's in Sapulpa.
Poor Ethan wasn't feeling well.
He did manage to smile a little.
Emma is so sweet!

We headed to our house for a little outdoor time.
A few weekends ago Hubby & I were going to redo the area around this tree.
I decided to let Hubby & Bobby do the work
 for my Mother's Day gift.
I bought Ethan a pair of  'Cars' work gloves so he could help with the project.
Since he didn't feel well he just wanted to sit in a chair & watch.
I don't think he liked sharing his chair with little sister.

Digging out the rocks was hard work.
The guys took turns digging.
It took a few hours of muscle power & sweat.
Thanks guys, job well done!
I love the new look under the tree!

We also created an outdoor vignette in this area to the left of the tree.
This is the birdbath we gave my Mother many years ago
for Mother's Day.
  We also hung two bird feeders on a double shepherd's hook.

Thanks for visiting today.
Hope you come back tomorrow!

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Sis Sue said...

Everything looks so nice. I love the park like setting around the "troll" house. That is a wonderful front yard tree.