Friday, February 17, 2012

Friday Show and Tell

One of my goals for 2012 is to scan & store old photos.

I gave Hubby this scanner for Christmas.
(Confession . . . I knew I'd be using it alot!)
I saw it on QVC and was very impressed with the simple features.

You can feed the original photo for an easy scan.

You can also use the wand for scanning on a flat surface.

There is a card just like the one on my camera to insert in the computer for importing.

We practiced scanning a few family pictures.

Here's a practice scan of the instruction sheet.

I'm going to start scanning old photos from my childhood and then do Hubby's.

Don't you just love the pic of me with the toilet paper?
Potty training 1953 style.  

Eventually I will put the scanned pictures on DVD.


LindaD said...

I Love this versatile idea! Thanks for sharing this with us!

Christine said...

My parents left my sister and I a lot of picture slides (popular when I was a child) and I had them tranferred to disc. I also had them developed from the disc and they are now in a scrapbook. I love looking at them from time to time. I like the scanner idea.

cpeezers said...

That is so neat! I'd not seen that kind of scanner before. Do you have to be careful to be very steady as you scan? I'd worry about cutting off edges of the pics but it must be fairly easy so use?

Elena said...

Now that looks like a really cool deal. We just scan with our computer printer but it does take some time.

Vee said...

How intriguing! I find today's technology so incredible.

Cindy said...

It's a great feeling to have this done. Mine even scanned slides. I can enjoy them any time on my computer.