Monday, January 9, 2012

Meet Sammy . . .

Christmas bling/decor is finally packed away.
As soon as the Christmas wreath was off the front door I replaced it with Sammy the Snowman.

Isn't he cute?
He was one of my classroom decorations for January when I did a full month of reading lessons about snow.

Sammy is not your ordinary snowmen.
He's an OSU cowboy.
As you can see he's dressed in orange & black and swinging a lasso.

 This little poem is so cute.
He probably won't be finding any snow anytime soon.
The weatherman says no winter weather is expected in January.
As much as I love snow this forecast is okay with me.
 Last winter was a record breaker here in Oklahoma.
(read about our 2011 blizzard here)
We need a little break.

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Sue said...

Love the snowman, and his poem is precious, Carol. I am with you about snow. It is raining here today, dh mentioned to me that if it was a little colder we would be having snow, I said" no way" I really don't want to see any snow or real cold weather like last year. lol.
It is such a great feeling to have the decoratins all packed and put away.
Now we can both find another sand box to go and play in. LOL.

Kari said...

He's so cute =)

And I love your new blog background!

Sis Sue said...

Sammy is a friendly welcome to your front door visitors, snowmen have a way of bringing a smile everyone. I never met a snowman I didn't like. I remember, as a child, the snowmen I would build were covered in grass and leaves because I would use every snowflake in the yard....did someone say obsessive compulsive?

Christine said...

I'm not wishing for snow either. I'll have to post my snowman that I have on my front porch soon.

Love Of Quilts said...

Cute snowman! Not wanting snow here...I don't like thinking about people having to drive to work in it. Like my kids and hubby.

Picket said...

Morning the cute snowman...hope we don't see too much of the real stuff...down here in the South we are allergic to the stuff...causes outbreaks of store runs to buy all the bread and milk we can find and our cars just slip and slid and take to the ditches for some reason! I do love your header pic though...beautiful scene...thanks so much for coming by...hope you have a great week....Picket

Cindy said...

Sammy is a keeper. He looks great on your door. Love the little poem, too. Have a great week!

Bargain Decorating with Laurie said...

Oh how cute he is, and what an adorable poem. I need him at my house. laurie

Unknown said...

He is cute! We are having a great spring/winter here in Phoenix. I hope your mild weather sticks around too! :)