Thursday, January 5, 2012

Life Is Sweet . . .

I love my new Mary Engelbreit calendar!
I have received one (or two) each year for Christmas for several years.
Before I retired I had one on my desk at school & one at home.
I enjoy seeing the calendar sitting on the ledge above my kitchen sink.

Always a new thought to ponder & perhaps apply to daily living.

While I'm on the subject of life being sweet, in this case it's too sweet.

left over sweets. . . .
Christmas candy
apple pie from New Year's Day
(yes, those are crumbs on the counter)
banana nut bread 
 brownies under the cake dome

over flowing bowl of  Snickers

candy canes large & small

I think it is time to put the candy in the garage freezer!

In the mean time I will enjoy these sweets.

Cuties & apples

Smelling the sweetness of this hot chocolate candle from
Becky at 
is a great way for me to resist putting my hand in the candy dish.
I hope you'll visit Becky & see all the wonderful candles she sells on Etsy.

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Mary said...

Good idea to put the goodies out of sight!
I have no will power.
I had to get rid of all my temptation .

Cindy said...

I get much enjoyment from my calendars, too. Yours is so cheery. At this point I am sick of all the candy and sweets. My leftovers go into the "circular file," if you get my drift:)

Elena said...

I love Mary Engelbreit too! I know we have a lot of sweets left too. I put some of it in the freezer and then Mary and I have a treat after lunch each day:)

Kari said...

Or I could come over and help you eat it all. Ha!

Becky K. said...

What a wonderful surprise to come home to. I've been stocking the brick and mortar! It is eye opening to see how much inventory it takes to fill a space properly.

I'm glad you are enjoying the hot chocolate. Looks like it is nearly finished. Then you'll have to fill that mug with the real thing and enjoy it too.

Thanks, Carol!

Sis Sue said...

Love your tier bowl rack, the fruit looks fresh for the picking. ME calendars are fun and inspiring, always a warm fuzzy.

Katherines Corner said...

A sweet post too! The three tier bowl stand is wonderful!! Thank you for joining us at the Thursday Favorites Hop. Wishing you a happy weekend! xo P.S. Have you entered the Pink Poodle giveaway yet?

Charlotte Wilson said...

I love ME! I havent' seen anything of her lately, though.
After all the sweets around the house during Christmas, I am going on a non sugar diet. Ha! They were good though!

Happy New Year!