Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Snow Song For A Snowy Day. . .

This little tune is one of my favorites from my childhood.
Some of you 'baby boomers' may remember
hearing Rosemary Clooney singing this song.

Before there was YouTube the song might
be seen on your black & white television.

Here's Suzy in all her glory!
I love you Suzy!

Mute my playlist so you can see the original.


Chery said...

Oh.....I remember that sweet song!

Christine said...

I am a baby boomer but don't remember this song. That doesn't mean much because I don't have a very good memory. Darling song though.

Cindy said...

I remember Suzy Snowflake well. A cute and catchy tune! I am so cold and can't wait for a thaw to arrive! I don't see any major warm up in the near future for us:(