Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Oh What A Beautiful Morning . . .

It's a beautiful morning!

I snapped this picture of the sunrise from
our deck this morning.
Absolutely gorgeous!
By looking at this you would never know
what is about to happen.
We're expecting up to 10 more inches of snow.
The snow will start to fall this evening
and continue through Wednesday.

This sign sums it up so well for most of us here in Oklahoma.

Stay safe & warm Okie friends & family!


Unknown said...

that is a lovely picture.
i'm sorry you have to experience more snow. be safe and God bless!

Mary said...

snow snow go away come again someother day!
hang in there sis.

larry said...

Looks like the same Son we see? :-)

Christine said...

Beautiful sunrise. I didn't get up that early to see it. One thing I can say about all the snow is that I'm enjoying a lot of down time.

Cindy said...

I wish I had the discipline to get up to see a sunrise from time to time. How beautiful! I'm a winter lover, but for the first time ever I am sick of snow and cold! As the calendar creeps on torward March, it cannot be long (or can it?)!

Becky K. said...

What a funny sign. Love it!

Your morning sky was amazing!

Sorry about the new snow on the way.
We are to get freezing temps and the wind is very high today.

Lynn said...

Carol, I'm definately not looking forward to the snow that's coming our way later on today.. I bet you are like me... sooo ready for SPRING!! Hopefully, spring isn't too far away!!

Stay warm and keep safe over these next couple days!


Oklahoma Granny said...

My son sent me a photo of that same church sign. I hope that whoever WAS praying for snow has stopped by now. I'm really not looking forward to more snow. I have plans this weekend that got postponed from last weekend. Stay safe and stay warm!

Becca's Dirt said...

Oh my I know you guys have had enough already. Lovely sunrise.

Anonymous said...

that photo is beautiful! I am enjoying listening to the music as well!

Chery said...

The way I look at the possibility of more snow days is that maybe I will get done what I didn't last week11 Ha!

Opie Dawn said...

Oh my! More SNOW?! The photo is beautiful. Stay warm.

Love you,