Monday, February 14, 2011

Random Monday Memories #11 . . .

Do you remember Valentine's Day parties in elementary school?
I do!
I remember spending so much time picking out the perfect
cards for my classmates. I really liked the Valentines that were
in a large punch out book. The envelopes had to be cut and glued.
Oh, the excitement of making a paper covered box or construction
paper holder for the cards that were placed in them by
your friends!
The treats served at the party were simply a sugar cookie or a cupcake
and a paper cup filled with fruit punch or Koolaid.
Happy Valentine's Day
to you all!
Much love,


Oklahoma Granny said...

The school Valentine's parties were something I always looked forward too.

Opie Dawn said...

Happy Valentine's Day!

I love you,


Cindy said...

The teachers always had us take a shoe box and decorate it with colored paper, etc. and cut a slit in the top for our classmates to deliver their valentines in. I never thought mine looked very good. Guess I was a perfectionist even back then!

Elena said...

I have the same memories!

tincanlily said...

For some reason I do not have any memories about Valentine's Day at school. I am not sure why? I hope you had a nice day!