Friday, February 11, 2011

He Loves Frosty . . .

Bobby, Kari, and Ethan have been staying with us
since all this crazy winter weather started.
We've been having so much fun playing
with our little buddy!

He is fascinated with Frosty the snowman.
It's just been too cold to build a Frosty
in our yard. Maybe we can manage to
create one before all the snow melts away!

This Frosty flag has been greeting
visitors who come to our front door
since January began.
It is time to put up the Valentine flag
for a few days.
We don't want to see the saying
"Let It Snow"
again until next winter.
I'm sure you understand!

Ethan enjoys snuggling under Nana's
OSU snuggie in his 'fort' .

We will have these moments to remember!


Chery said...

It looks like you guys are having soo much fun!

Stacey said...

How fun! He's a lucky little boy. :)

Christine said...

We've had our two grandsons for the last few days also and they've worn us out. I feel like I've worked a full week. We are hoping to get out today to build a snowman.

Miss Debbie said...

Wow!What fun you must be having! You are so smart to take pictures....he will love looking a them one day!

Mary said...

Such a cute post.
Ethan is a doll in his fort.
stay warm!

Linda C said...

So cute! Funny, our grandgirl's mommy reports to us that Sophia really has a thing for snowmen, too! It doesn't have to be Frosty- but she sure loves them.:)

Hope your town is warming up and you all can get to your normal temps for this time of year. We are elated here is Wisconsin that the temps are going up to the mid and upper 30's this weekend and higher next week! woo-hoo!:)

Happy Valentine's Day!


Elena said...

So cute! I recorded Frosty the Snowman for Mary when it came on TV before Christmas and she loved it.

Cindy said...

What fun! It will be hard to let them go!