Friday, April 30, 2010

Friday Show And Tell . . .

Victory Garden 2010

(WWII poster)
Yesterday we got started planting our 2010 garden.

(another WWII poster)

Years ago we planted a big garden each spring.
I remember planting potatoes on
St. Patrick's day when it was so cold
I thought my fingers were going to fall off.
Last year we planted a little garden
that could be seen from our kitchen window.
We enjoyed sunflowers, okra, bell peppers, egg plant, cucumber,
bell peppers, zucchini, yellow neck squash,
and a few tomatoes.

We're hoping for a better tomato crop
this year. We bought 6 heirloom tomato plants.
The varieties we planted are
Kellogg Breakfast (yellow)
Red Brandy Wine
Carbon (purple)
Brandy Wine Cherry (small tomatoes)

We also planted peppers (Jupiter Bell)
and egg plants (Pingtung Long & Rose of Bianca).

We transplanted some volunteer sunflower plants
that came up. They don't look very good so
we may have to plant some seeds.

Hubby planted . . .

then gave each plant a good soaking.

This weekend we're going to plant
cucumber, yellow squash , zucchini, and corn.
We're skipping the okra this year.
We still have a lot in the freezer.

Do any of you plant a garden? I'd like to hear about it if you do!


Amelia said...

Just finished planting some things in our garden...sprinkled on us a couple of times during the process. We planted okra, two kinds of squash, and cucumbers. Tomatoes have been out for a week now. We keep about 10% of our produce we raise and give away the rest.

Have a great weekend!

Amelia - Tecumseh, OK

Stacey said...

Are you getting rain today? Good start for your new garden, I would think. :)

Kerin said...

Oh... it's so good to see that someone is planting a garden! I love gardening and the weather hasn't been nice enough yet, so that we can really get things in the ground.
Last year, we planted 48 heirloom tomato plants. They thrived! We put up about 300 jars of tomatoes and salsa.
Best of luck with the garden, and be sure to keep us posted :)

Darlene said...

I want to do a garden but hubby isn't interested :( I will plant a couple of tomato plants though and I think I am going to try a strawberry plant this year. I can't wait to see more and more of your garden.♥

Elena said...

Your garden looks great. We just planted an Early Girl tomatoe and 2jalopeno plants. We don't have room for much more. Well we do have a strawberry patch also. We did have a big garden when I was a kid and mom canned and froze vegetables that fed us 4 kids and my folks for all winter.

Linda C said...

I grew up with a couple of parents and a grandfather who were master gardeners.:) With a large family, a large garden was a food supplier and a past time that they enjoyed together-- of course us kids got in on planting, weeding, harvesting.
I had a vegetable garden years ago, but it was a constant battle with the rabbits in our neighborhood. My last garden looked like a war zone with chicken wire to try to keep them out!:)
I and going to get one of those topsy turvey upside down hanging tomato planters and that's about it for veggies.
All of your tomato varieties sound great- can't wait to see them!:)

Happy gardening, Carol!!:)

Patsy said...

We planted tomatoes in the flower bed this year.I Hope that will fool the bad squirrels.
cute comment on my blog, Thanks for the visit.

Carolyn said...

Hi Carol!

I love fresh veggies and there is nothing like fresh from your garden!! My mother had the sweetest little garden while growing up and it was wonderful eating "fresh" veggies!

Hugs, Carolyn ~ Cottage Sunshine

Becky K. said...

It would be a great day to put a garden in here...but we are not ready to do it yet. We will put in just a few things. Tomatoes, peppers and maybe some herbs.

Becky K.
Hospitality Lane

Denise said...

I have a link to my veggie garden blog at the top right of my main blog :-) I wish I could say things are looking great but some things are being eaten by bugs and I'm sure something is still wrong with our soil! Yours looks great... keep us posted on how they grow.

Opie Dawn said...

We are going to try our hand at gardening this year. Jason was just telling me about the Victory Garden, very interesting!

Cindy said...

I hope to plant a garden next year. There's so much to do now, after just moving, I will never get to it! However, my sister is givng me some of her rhubarb plants and I will get them in by hook or crook as I just love rhubarb! Have a wonderful Sunday.