Monday, April 12, 2010

Random Monday Memories #4 . . .

I was born bald & really didn't have
much hair until 5 years old.
I sometimes wore braided pigtails to school.
My Mother curled my hair
with rags on Saturdays so I would have
a pretty head full of curls for church.
In 3rd grade all that came to a halt
when I was given my first home perm.

I hated the whole process of getting a home permanent.
Stinky and a painful day of agony.
My Grandma Minnie treated me to a salon permanent so
I would have a great hairstyle for 8th grade graduation.
They timed the perm with the wall clock. Oops!!!
The battery was dead. My hair was badly burned.
Not a good look for a special occasion.
Finally that came to an end in high school.
I began getting curls in another way.

My friends and I actually thought it was fashionable to
wear a curler bonnet downtown on Saturday when we'd meet to hangout.

Had to have a little bit of this . . .

so we could do this . . .

and this.

Some of us were lucky to have one of these.
No hand held hairdryers yet.

Finally a miracle invention appeared in stores.

No more sleeping in curlers.
Just plug it in, heat, curl, wait 20 to 30 minutes,
remove curlers, brush out. Instant beauty!

Thanks for letting me share my memories with you!


Simple Home said...

What a great post Carol. I've been there through all of those things too. Oh, the things we do to our hair :-)

Kerin said...

Oh boy, did your post ever bring back memories !
My grandma owned and operated a beauty salon for years and years. In the summer, my cousin and I got paid 10 cents a sink-full to rinse out the perm rods and sort them!
We would get so sick of that smell!
But, the big pay off, was on Saturday when we could watch all the old gals come and get their hair blued or have the violet treatment. Us kids thought it was a hoot!

Patsy said...

So glad that time is over, mother did all of the hair things to me.
And up until this year I did the dye. I am just grey now and forever.LOL

Annie Joy said...

I remember a time when I would wake up early, roll my damp hair in brush rollers, then go back to sleep with the hair dyer on (every morning)! Then I would tease it within an inch of its life (which took out all of the curl). Crazy! Thanks for the memories!

Julie Harward said...

And now, it's all about flat irons...Loved your memories..been there and done all of it! Remember the little paper dolls that came with the Toni perms? My mom always gave me and my sister cute perms. Come say hi :D

Parsley said...

What a blast from the past. I remember those!

Stacey said...

Goodness I'm glad to not do perms any more! So many times I saved up my money for a perm only to have my hair fall out and the curls wouldn't last very long. Remember ending up with all those spikey baby hairs that would come in?

Janean said...

oh my goodness i forgot about dippity doo and those *suitcase* dryers! we also used orange juice cans for rollers!!!

Linda C said...

Dippity Do!! Oh my goodness, I'd forgotten about that:).

Oh you left out using orange juice cans in the 70's to straighten our long hair--then I got some real rollers that big! Yikes. I'm lovin' my short hair and blow dryer these days!!;)

Great post and great memories, Carol!



Anonymous said...

Oh Carol I remember all that stuff. Never got a Toni perm, I had straight baby fine hair. But in the early 80's i got the perm! UGH

Dippity Doo and the hair dryer!! So coooooool! How about tape on the side curls?

Opie Dawn said...

All in the name of beauty! I can't help but remember my terrible perm days! haha. Live and learn. The 80's were such cruel hair days!

valerie said...

Great post Carol.
It made me smile as I looked at each picture and thinking how I used all of these same products growing up.
I used to use the pink sponge rollers too. If I slept in them all night, I would have the curliest hair! So funny!
And those hair dryers. : /
Life is SO much easier today, huh?

I am really looking forward to Saturday!

Have a great day.


Oklahoma Granny said...

What memories! Did you ever use metal lemonade cans (that had been thoroughly washed and dried) with both ends cut out as rollers? We would use bobby pins or hair clips to keep them in our hair.

Bargain Decorating with Laurie said...

Carol, this post has me grinning from ear-to-ear. I also did all of those things. When I think about mother rolling my hair in rags, it makes me laugh. There were many times that I fell asleep with one of those hair dryer caps on my head! I hate to think of how many times I went somewhere with curlers in my hair and one of those bonnets over them! My how times have changed. Loved your post! laurie

Elena said...

Thanks for the memories. I remember when the hot curlers came out my mom was so happy! Now with my daughter I don't have to worry about that she has a head full of natually curly hair. She will probably have memories of straightening her hair. Ha!

Vee said...

Yup, those were the days! I was so happy to get a hairdryer that I went to bed with it on and running. No wonder my brain is scrambled. Ha! I remember blowing my very long hair dry using a hand blower permanently stationed on the dormitory bathroom wall. I could bend in those days. Thanks for the memories. I almost said "fun" memories, but it really was a challenging time for hairstyles.

Cindy said...

I had long, thick hair and never had a perm, but I can still smell the ones my sisters got! What a memory! How far we have come.