Monday, April 5, 2010

Random Monday Memories # 3 . . .

A one and a two . . .

I was quite young when I started watching
the Lawrence Welk show on Saturday nights.

I loved the music, the themed shows, and
dancing with my sister on a throw rug.
We weren't allowed to dance around
on the freshly waxed floor, but we didn't mind
because dancing on the rug was slippery fun!

I loved listening to the close harmony of the Lennon Sisters.

Watching them through the decades gave me
pointers on hair styles and fashion.

Oh, to look like the girls in the choir!
You can certainly tell that they're
wearing 70s dresses in this picture.

This guy was a whiz on the accordion, amazing.

I could never forget Jo Ann Castle.
Her piano playing impressed me so much.
My piano teacher, Mrs. Scott, taught me several songs
out of Jo Anne's piano book.
I still have it in my attic. Maybe I should dig it out
and brush up on my honky tonk technique.
Thank you for walking down memory lane with me today!


Julie Harward said...

You seem too young to have grown up on this...that was me, I one with Janet! I loved that show all my life, my kids poked fun of it! I wish there was good variety shows on like that now. :D

Gayla said...

I loved the Lennon Sisters!

Amelia said...

I enjoyed seeing those pictures..and really liked the music.

Patsy said...

One thing about it The Lawrence Welk Show will never end, you can still watch it on TV.

marie said...

I loved The Lennon Sisters too! Musical/variety shows were my very favorite. Wouldn't it be nice to have some of that kind of TV today!?

Oklahoma Granny said...

What a wonderful memory. I loved the Lennon Sisters too.

Anonymous said...

Myron Floren was the accordian. It's sad I remember that...

Kerin said...

Can you believe that I grew up without a t.v.? Gasp!
Well, my parents had 6 children and felt that there were better ways we should spend our time. I remember that my parents finally got a t.v when the youngest in the family went to high school.
I did get to watch a few programs at my grandparents every now and then. Lawrence Welk and my favorite was the Sunday night Disney Movies!

Have a great day!

Opie Dawn said...

How neat is that! We have lost the talent and uniqueness in today's entertainment. Thanks for sharing.

Mary said...

Oh my gosh! What a fun post down memory lane. I remember how excited was I when the show would come on. I felt like it was a special show just for me. Ha
Love the good old days!

tincanlily said...

I loved the Lennon Sisters, too! The Lawrence Welk Show was always on at my grandparents! Great memories!

Carolyn said...

I loved the Lawrence Welk show and thought the girls were so beautiful! I was a little girl and hoped when I grew up, I would look just like them! :) Thank you for sharing! It would be awesome if the girls today were just as fresh and wholesome looking!

Cottage Sunshine

Elena said...

This is such a great post. I have many fond memories of watching Lawrence Welk with my mom when I was a kid. She just loved that show!

Cindy said...

Oh how I have always loved the LENNON SISTERS! I'm waitng for the moving truck to arrive and just taking a peek at what I've been missing. The Lawrence Welk theme song is bitter sweet for me as it makes me see my mom on the couch watching the show. It was a simple pleasure this hard-working woman loved! Nice post.