Sunday, September 6, 2009

Sunday Thoughts . . .

We Christians should stand
out like a sparkling

diamond against a rough and dark background.
We should be poised, cultured,
courteous, gracious, but
firm in the things we do or do not do.
We should laugh and be radiant;
But we should refuse to allow
the world to pull us down
to its level.

Moreover it is required in stewards, that a man be found faithful.

I Corinthians 4:2

Taken from: Unto the Hills by Billy Graham


Becky K. said...

A very good reminder.
Have a wonderful weekend and Labor Day, Carol.

Becky K.

Patsy said...

Yes, we should remember this .

Bargain Decorating with Laurie said...

AMEN! Thank you for this post. laurie

Kathi said...

I loved this. Thank you so much for sharing it, Carol.