Wednesday, September 2, 2009

I Can't Believe It ! ! !

My jaw dropped when I received an e-mail
from my son about this news.

Make way for more Duggars!
Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar of Tonitown, Ark., who have 18 children and one grandchild on the way, are expecting a new addition to their household – baby No. 19 will arrive in the spring. "We are so thrilled," says Michelle, 42. "We just couldn't believe it is happening." Jim Bob, 44, agrees: "This never gets old. We are so grateful for each child. We are looking forward to our first grand baby and our 19th child." Oldest son Joshua, 21 and his wife Anna, 21, are expecting daughter Mackynzie RenΓ©e next month, so she will be older than her new aunt or uncle. "I think it is going to be awesome, it is going to be great," says Josh about the news that his parents are expecting. "We have been looking forward to the arrival of my little girl and to now get to celebrate for my parents, it's a wonderful thing."

I'm not sure what I think about this.
I can't even imagine having 19 children.
I guess if anyone can handle this it's the Duggars.
I'm worried about Michelle's health while
carrying & giving birth to #19.
She had complications during
delivery with #18 & had to have a c-section.

What do you think?


Kari said...

I was shocked too!! I can't help but be excited for them! =)

I'm just praying that she has a safe and healthy pregnancy/delivery!

A Collector At Heart said...

I hadn't heard this news. The first thing that I thought of is that she will be 60 when that child graduates from high school! Can you really parent 19 children effectively or do the older children end up raising the younger ones??
I work with pregnant women everyday and there really are some women that believe that 'God opens and closes the womb.' But, 19, really?
She and I are less than 10 years apart in age. I don't mind changing my grand-babies diapers, but I just couldn't imagine still having to change diapers! Happy for her, I guess!
Can't wait for the game on Saturday! Will be tail-gaiting with Cheryl and John! Again, I wish she would come back into the folds of the blog world!

Becky K. said...

I think that they will never be lonely!!

Christmas and Thanksgiving celebrations will be amazing.

I too hope that Michelle's body cooperated.

They are incredible parents who make it look easy.

Becky K.

Darlene said...

I can't even imagine! I do hope she has a safe and healthy pregnancy. I think she is definitely going for the record (or probably already holds

Patsy said...

I think she wants to make it 20.

Amy said...

I'm not sure what I think either. I can't even imagine it....not at all. Let's wish for a healthy pregnancy for her. It really is amazing! Amy

Linda C said...

I go back and forth on this... As a mom of six, I'm familiar with large families and the many blessings.

Then there's this nagging thought I have about the amount of responsibility that the older daughters are given to raise the younger ones- Mom just can't do it all. And then I worry about some little one- or big one- feeling like they are one of the crowd. Anyway-- I'm just wondering...

Thanks, Carol for stopping by my place to read my "first day of school memories":) And feel free to run with it- I'd love to hear about that special teacher:) :)


Stacey said...

Here's what I can read between the lines.

One time my husband's aunt said, "I'm so tired it feels like my uterus is going to fall out!" I've never forgotten that after 20years. Don't you think Mrs. Duggar feels that way? Lordy!

PAT said...


They must certainly be very adept at parenting by now. I think most older children pitch in to help,when needed. My granddaughter is 17 years older than her baby brother. She was the only child all those years. Her other baby brother died shortly after he was born, a year before Noah was born. She is a great help, even though there is only one tiny one. So I'm sure the Duggar clan lend a hand to each other.

I hope for an uneventful pregnancy for Mrs Duggar and a fine healthy baby.

Linda said...

I was so surprised to hear about this yesterday and plan to blog about it today too.

The Duggars seem like a beautiful, stable family but enough is enough. That poor mom has got to be exhausted although she certainly doesn't ever show it.

I would have loved to have come from a big family and sometimes wish I would have had a few more myself, but 19!

Happy To Be/ Gl♥ria said...

Could you imagine cooking every day for that many people...I wish her luck she going to need it...Glad it's her and not me...Hope you have a great day carol...hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

Bargain Decorating with Laurie said...

My first thought when I read this was "how to they find time and energy to have sex?"!!!! I recall how difficult it was to find time and energy when I had one infant at home! The Duggers SEEM to handle all of the children well - certainly not something I'd be capable of doing, or would even want to do. laurie

OKGardners said...

Since they believe in allowing God to determine the size of their family, it really isn't for us to comment. If anyone can handle this size family, it is the Duggar family. They have a happy, healthy family and everyone does their part. They have a very adequate home to hold the family, so that is a blessing.

Personally, I would go crazy with that many, but apparently it doesn't bother them - so it doesn't bother me. So God Bless them.