Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Summer's Last Hurrah

Labor Day weekend is sometimes referred to as, 
"Summer's Last Hurrah".
Our family celebration will be Sunday afternoon.
Getting together on Sunday will leave Monday for resting & relaxation.
The menu is going to be 'All American'.
Hot dogs, hamburgers, baked beans & fries.
I found these cute fry containers at Target several weeks ago.
Anyone like sweet potato fries?  I do, so we'll have those in addition to regular potato fries.
Here's the Pinterest recipe for sweet potato fries I want to try.
Click on picture for link to recipe.
Oh YUM! --> Healthy Spicy & Crispy Sweet Potato Fries Cooked In Coconut Oil!

Come back tomorrow to see something sweet for our celebration menu.

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Anonymous said...

That will be a fun family time! And now I want to try those sweet potato fries! Let us know how they turn out! I've never used coconut oil before (except as a kid when I wanted a tan? :))

Sis Sue said...

Your menu sounds like good food. It will be followed with good fun.

Sue said...

Your labor Day weekend sounds wonderful! good food, great family time. I like the menu, and yes I do like sweet potato fries Thanks for sharing.

Vee said...

I do like sweet potato fries even though I do not like sweet potatoes. What fun Labor Day plans you are gathering.