Saturday, August 3, 2013

Saturday Snapshots

I thought about naming this post, Soggy Saturday, because of the great rain we're having.
This is so usual for this time of year.  73 degrees right now with high expected to be 93.  Unreal!  Everything is green. Our flowers are lush & lovely.
I saw some great  1/2 price bargains at Lowe's this morning.
I was tempted, but decided to pass.  
Self-control is so exhausting!


Sis Sue said...

Your flowers look so pretty and perky.

Unknown said...

Self control is completely exhausting I agree LOL but you have one gorgeous garden!!!!!!!!!

Unknown said...

Thanks for the party Rosie!!!

Unknown said...

ok Carol nix that final comment lol
thought I was on another site's comment
DUH - I'm so blonde!

Vee said...

What?! You didn't need a lantern? =D

Your yard and flowers do look wonderful.

Elena said...

Your garden is beautiful! We are finally getting some rain here in Oregon and getting some relief from the horrible smoke from the forest fires.