Monday, August 19, 2013

I'm On A Mission

I have been taking inventory of the food I have in the freezer & pantry.  I'm on a mission to use what I have on hand to create meals.  I'm calling this . . .
 I started Saturday night by using the crock pot to cook a nice beef roast for Sunday dinner.  It cooked all night long.  It smelled so delicious.  I added lots of seasonings & topped it with lots of minced garlic.  Very yummy!
How many of you have some of this blue & white vintage corning ware?
 Our side dish was steamed veggies from the freezer.  We will have leftovers for dinner tonight with a nice green salad.  Tuesday night we'll have a beef/vegetable soup.  If there are still leftovers on Wednesday I will make beef enchiladas.  

 I'll be making crock pot chicken & dressing for our family dinner on Thursday.
Click here to find the link to the recipe.

Stay tuned for updates & other recipes I'll be making in the weeks to come.  
It should be fun. 

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Patsy said...

Will you come to my house? My need this done bad.

Vee said...

I made PW's pot roast yesterday and we have some leftovers. Beef enchiladas sound so yummy! Thanks for a great idea!

Love Of Quilts said...

I need to clean the freezer out. You have the prefect idea. I do have the blue&white corning ware.

Stacey said...

I like to do this periodically too. If you don't, then certain items just linger too long in the freezer. Last week I made pulled pork sandwiches and that pork shoulder had been in the freezer for a month or more. It was a crockpot recipe too.

Sis Sue said...

Ruby would be proud, she was a freezer lady.

Sue said...

Great ideas! I think i need to do some inventory. thanks for the link.