Saturday, July 13, 2013

Pillows & Peaches

Hubby & I did a little garage sale shopping this morning.
I found these like new large, square pillow forms for $4.00 each. They will make great floor pillows for the grandkids after I make some cool pillow covers.

Next, we drove a few miles to Porter to buy peaches at the Livesay Peach Barn & Orchard.
The peach festival is next weekend so we decided to beat the crowds & shop today.
We bought two varieties, Red Haven & Belmont. 
 Can't wait to make a cobbler!


Stacey said...

Wow you were so lucky to find those nice pillow forms. They are expensive at the store.

Today I went to Costco and they had the most beautiful peaches but they were from California. I'd rather buy them locally. They are so much better that way. Don't you think?

Vee said...

Oh I'm thinking that those have got to be the finest peaches ever. I'd be chowing down over the kitchen sink. What a good find at the yard sale. Someone must have given up on her idea.

Sis Sue said...

Beautiful peaches. Right out of a magazine. Great bargain on the pillow forms.