Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Hot & Spicy Recipe Reviews

We like hot & spicy food in our family.
I tried 2 new Pinterest recipes for our 4th of July meal.
12  Med/Large fresh Jalapenos
1 Box of Cornbread Mix (I used the Honey variety for the sweetness)
1 1/2 Cup Shredded Cheddar (1 cup for the batter..1/2 cup for sprinkiling)
1 Cup Corn..fresh OR canned is just fine
Slice each jalapeno down the center and carefully remove all the seeds and veins..set aside
In a medium bowl, mix up the Cornbread batter according to the box instructions, add in the Corn and 1 cup of the Cheddar.
Fill each Jalapeno half with some batter!  Eh-hem, don’t over fill them!
Sprinkle them all with the remaining 1/2 cup of Cheddar.
Place them on a baking rack & sheet pan, bake them at 350 for about 15-20 minutes, or until the Cornbread is firm and cooked through.  They will be puffed and cheesy too!
Let them cool cuz they’re HOT!
I omitted the corn from the recipe.  I must tell you that cutting & taking out the seeds proved to be a challenge.  I started coughing & sputtering from the pepper fumes.  Kari took over & it did the same thing to her!  Note to self . . . next time wear one of those nose & mouth masks that we use for mowing the lawn!  Anyway, it was worth it.  These are delicious!  

Next up . . . 
The Greatest Queso That Ever Lived
1 block (32 Oz. Block) Velveeta Cheese
1 package (8 Oz. Package) Cream Cheese
1 can (10 Oz. Can) Rotel
1 can (10.75 Oz. Can) Cream Of Mushroom Soup
1 pound Ground Beef OR Sausage (or A Combination Of Both)

Brown ground beef or sausage (or both) in a pan over medium heat and set aside. Cut up the Velveeta and cream cheese into cubes and place into a crock pot. Pour in the Rotel and the cream of mushroom soup and stir ingredients together. Place the crock pot on low setting for an hour, letting the ingredients meld. After about 30 minutes, add the browned meat and continue to let cook, stirring as needed.

It was very tasty, but next time I'll use less meat.

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Sis Sue said...

Those spicy recipes go great with the rockets red glare of the 4th.

Vee said...

The dip looks yummy...the jalapeño... Well I'll leave that to those who don't mind wearing hazmat suits, ha!

Rhonda said...

I am glad to read your popper review, my husband and son loves jalapeños but don't like cream cheese that is in most poppers. I think this one wold make us all happy